What is SoftSamba
SoftSamba is a software directory with software organised into small specific lists which can be sorted by price, date or name.
The directory is supported by minimal text advertising.

In the index below the number after each category name is the number of programs in that category. It always includes programs in all subcategories of that category.

Welcome to SoftSamba Shortlists.

  1. Simple clean design.
  2. Smaller more specific lists of programs.
  3. Sort the program lists by price, date or name.
  4. Browse the screenshots for a category.
  5. Convenient One-Click to Next and Prev Screen Slide.
  6. Minimal text advertising.
  7. Uncluttered easy on the eye screens

Main Categories are:

  • Build Site
  • Business N Finance
  • Disk N DeskTop
  • Home
  • Learning
  • Misc
  • Pics N Drawings
  • Programming
  • Sound N Video
  • Surfing
  • Unclassified