6 Social media marketing tips to help you connect with your audience

Whenever you want to promote your business there is need to consider some fact in order to generate maximum traffic in your business social media is one of the major platforms to help to take your business higher. here are 7 social media practice that will boost your small business

1. Brand your Social Media

Social media permits you to brand yourself long before anyone Becomes your customer. In branding through social media you are not the add-on the wall, you’re the guy telling stories on your brand that your audience finds interesting and circulate it in its social circle, thus do not be afraid to participate in social media simply because you do not see the result instantly. As as the time passes you could build your social image that leads you to success. Over the time that credibility and awareness shall doubtless result in a rise in your customer base.

2. Have a blog

Why use blogs in network marketing? Because a blog can become your home on the web; your living room where prospective leads can meet you and get to know you. We all know that the likelihood of a purchase is significant increases as the level of trust increases in your relationship with leads. One of the limitations of network marketing online has been that, except for your ad content or your landing page and sales page copy, people have little opportunity to read about you, let alone spend time getting to know you. Therefore it makes sense to offer a place for people to read about you, to read your thoughts on various topics that might interest them and to spend time building a positive opinion about yours. That place is your blog. By blogging about topics interesting you and related to your keywords, you will begin to build personal credibility. Prospects will begin to see your expertise and knowledge on subjects which interest you. It is important that you allow your personality come out in your blog posts. You should express yourself, allowing a peak into your interests and passions! As this occurs, they will identify “hooks” upon which to hang opinions of you. This is a critical step in relationship building. Another critical step in relationship building is social proof or social credibility. Buyers want to know that other thoughtful people think well of you too. This social credibility makes it easier to trust you. A blog allows readers to comment and engage you in conversations that other people can read. A blog allows you to create a visitor’s gallery, like a Google Friends Connect widget, where visitors who like your blog can sign in as a supporter. Again, social proof that you offer value.

3. Include Value

Social media marketing tips are to share useful information with no intention of making money. People have a way of being able to spot a marketer a mile away. When you have a useful piece of information put it on your page without having any affiliate links.Sharing useful information will help you build stronger relationships and trust among your friends. Lack of trust is one of the biggest reasons why people do not click on other people’s links. Building friendship and sharing useful information will go a long way.

4. Design your images Canva

If you’re not as of now using it you have to. Canva is a graphic designer that you’ve collapsed up and put in your back pocket. If you don’t do anything yet make pinnable images, it is certainly justified regardless of your time to investigate it. Additionally, canvas has a FREE version.

5. Promote your content

The first of the four social media marketing tips is to make friends that have an interest in what you are promoting. If you’re promoting products in the dog training niche, it is best to find friends that have an interest in training their dog. When you start to put free material on your page, it will be helpful to the friends that you’ve gathered. If you go and gather random friends with no common interests, it will be hard for you to use this as a traffic generation source.

6. Be Authentic

Marketing is really about building authentic relationships with your clients and prospects, other business associates and colleagues. It’s about building authentic relationships. Imagine building your business on referrals. If you get referrals on a regular basis, you know you’re building your business with authentic relationships. That’s what good marketing is all about.Whether you’re using image advertising or direct response marketing – which you should be using so you can measure your results and be asking people to take action so you can begin to create this relationship. Having a free offer on your website is one way to engage with prospects when they come to your site and to allow them to get to know you and your business better.As small business owners and entrepreneurs, we are the company in all the ways that matter to people. Build relationships with your clients so they feel like they know you. People have to feel like they know you before they can decide whether they like you. They certainly have to like you before they can start to trust you.

Amanda Kremer