7 Reasons Kids Should Learn Coding Early

In our digital age, the importance of learning new internet based skills such as web development and coding are becoming ever more prevalent. In this information age, the ability to receive and digest information quickly and easily has become common place and the best place to start is with our younger generation due to their ability to understand and retain information like new languages or widen existing skills around subjects like maths or computer science.

As tech companies expand, there are positions being made available every day for people who can write code and fix issues that arise with websites. Teaching children how to code is becoming a popular choice among parents and gives children the opportunity to learn an incredible new skill in addition to developing social skills by learning to write code with other children. Programs like Geektastic coding challenges are a great way to help bring kids together as well and provide a great social outlet.

So why would you consider teaching your children how to code? Below are some reasons why learning code is important and ways you can get your children involved in the wonderful world of coding and web development.

Mark Zuckerberg CEO of facebook

1) Meeting future demand in the Technology sector – As the tech business grows, there will be a void that needs to be filled with trained and qualified employees and equipping your children with coding knowledge will better their chances of finding a high paying and in demand job straight out of school. Programs such as Geektastic coding challenges, allow young people to test their newly acquired skills and solve problems which will set them up for success in business. Teaching children to code also keeps the industry going and you may just be encouraging the next Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk to do great things in that business and give the world that will enrich our lives in the future.

2) Technology sectors jobs pay big money – Money isn’t everything but by equipping your children with a highly sought-after skill like coding or front/back end web development, you are setting them up to step into a high salary position or perhaps start their own business and make a very healthy day rate someday.

3) Coding will further businesses in the UK – By learning and developing coding, you are well equipped to learn other key skills which will propel business in the UK and offer young people the chance to add to those core skills. It is not a big jump from coding and web development to computer sciences for example.

4) Doors open for people with sought-after skills – The opportunities available to people with technologic skills are endless and with the right skills, your children will be set up to enjoy a long career in the technology sector.

5) Coding is an international language – By understanding coding principles and practicing those principles, your children have the world at their feet and can enjoy the freedom of working anywhere in the world.

6) Increased thinking capacity – Just like learning any language, learning to code effectively increases critical thinking and boosts creativity.

7) Improved ease of use with daily equipment – By equipping your children with even basic coding skills, you will be setting them up to interact easily with equipment and devices that are a part of our everyday lives. This will make fixing things easier and bring improved self-confidence when it comes to performing day to day activities.

Teaching children the basics of coding and computer based languages can be fun for the whole family and at the very least, will bring the family together and may just prove to be useful in the future.

Amanda Kremer