Best LIMS Software Providers: Everything You Need to Know

Do you cherish transforming your laboratory into a center of excellence, mastering all advanced technology to standardise the processes? Adopting a quality LIMS can be your ultimate choice if you want immediate results by automating your lab works and increasing efficiency and accuracy. But while choosing quality LIMS software, you will find the market buzzing with so many LIMS software providers

Finding the best one meeting your lab needs and offering flexibility can be a tricky task sometimes. 

To help you select a quality service, I have come up with everything you must understand about this cutting-edge software. 

Best LIMS software providers. Everything you need to know about LIMS software and how to choose the right provider for your business. Image shows a tablet with LIMS software controlling the labs information flow.

What is a LIMS?

A Laboratory Information Management System or LIMS is an all-in-one digital solution for managing data recording, samples, workflows, and reporting to increase lab productivity. 

It normalises the workflows, work processes and offers better control over them. Thus experiments can run seamlessly and effectively without minimum errors. 

LIMS handles so many tasks but not limited to:

  • Sample management 
  • Workflow management
  • Inventory handling
  • Record keeping
  • Report generation

Almost all modern labs are incorporating these systems in their industries to digitise the activities. 

But the scientific enterprises that have made it their indispensable part are:

  • Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries
  • Environment protection labs
  • Criminology
  • Life sciences industry
  • Healthcare and diagnostic centers, etc. 

The Best LIMS Software Providers

Are you searching for quality LIMS software providers that are both affordable and compatible with your industry parameters, especially for clinical labs? 

Healthcare labs, rapidly employing LIMS in their operating systems, have made it an integral part of their operations. 

One of the best LIMS for clinical labs is Exemplar Clinical LIMS. It is an integrated and surpassing CRM solution that can handle every aspect of a clinical laboratory efficiently. From order processing to report delivery, it monitors everything without breaking your bank!

Features of a Good LIMS 

Good LIMS software providers include features like:

  • Quality LIMS solutions are easily configurable to cope with lab needs.
  • From storage to test and permanent sample disposal, it handles everything and tracks the complete lifecycle.
  • It offers a user-friendly, intuitive interface.
  • Offers instrument integration
  • It handles instrument calibration. 

Benefits of Employing a LIMS

The tremendous benefits a LIMS solution offers are:

  • Eliminates Human-made Errors: Modern LIMS software has materialised the dream of automating lab research. It saves time and eliminates human-made mistakes significantly by reducing tedious manual operations. 
  • Ensures Real-time Tracking and Saves Time: All advanced LIMS come with a barcode scanning system in their specimen tracking module that has facilitated sample collection, registration, and transfer processes. Furthermore, it offers real-time sample tracking that enables researchers to track workflows only with some clicks! 
  • Offers Seamless Collaboration: With today’s surpassing LIMS software, researchers from different workstations can communicate in real-time seamlessly by only having a dedicated ID. Thus it boosts productivity and makes the knowledge sharing process effortless and hassle-free. 
  • Offers Inventory Alerts: With the inventory module, modern LIMS ensures automating the purchase process using the recorded data. Moreover, it enables labs to minimise lab wastes by tracking the sample shelf life accurately. 
  • Increases Revenue: Modern LIMS helps your business increase revenue by allowing efficient data collection, analysis, and visualisation. Thus you can understand recent trends and make appropriate decisions helpful for increasing ROI

Why is Cloud-based LIMS Right for Your Laboratory?

To be precise, a cloud-based platform is the safest and most reliable way of digitising processes among all options available today. This allows you to monitor your database using cloud computing software.

The reasons are following:

Seamless Data Access

Effortless data access is the call of time to boost effectiveness. In a cloud-based LIMS, your precious information gets stored in a secure, centralised cloud system. You only require an authenticated sign-in ID, and you can get data from numerous branches, centers, and machines using any device, anytime!

Cutting-edge Data Protection

You might be thinking that storing your data in a central server may cause data loss or misuse, right? For a cloud-based system, your information is secured in a highly-encrypted system that can be accessed only by verified users. Moreover, you don’t have to encounter downtimes while using cloud-based solutions. 

Reduced IT Manpower

With a cloud-based system, your lab doesn’t require any on-site setup. So, you don’t necessitate a high-end IT infrastructure, costly hardware, or skilled IT persons for administration. 

Requires Zero Maintenance

As system upgrades and maintenance are done centrally in a cloud-based LIMS, you don’t have to bother about these tasks. You only spend a fixed amount for the license or subscription, and you can enjoy a hassle-free lab environment. 

How to Choose LIMS Software Providers?

As I have already mentioned, you would find hundreds of LIMS software providers. So you must be thoughtful and consider the following factors before picking one: 


Don’t underestimate this criterion as the more usability a LIMS comes with, the more productivity and effectiveness it can offer. For example, LIMS is not about only sample management today. Pick one that ensures compliance, machine, customer and inventory management, and everything essential to facilitate your present and future operations. 


Before counting on a service provider, make sure their software is adaptable enough to comply with your lab parameters. 

Architecture Options

Consider which architecture of the software will go well with your laboratory specifications. Before choosing one, think about how you want the system to be installed, handled, or employed? 

Decide whether you want an on-premises setup for a higher processing rate or a web-based system for cutting-edge functionality

24/7 Support and Training

Consider selecting a provider who ensures 24/7 customer support to help you if your team faces any issue using it. Some LIMS software providers come with training facilities also. You can also consider them if your employees are not experts in IT. 

Deployment Model

Depending on various factors like instrument integration, training your staff, or configuration, some labs may need months or even years to get the system deployed. Pick a provider who can assist you in implementing and configuring the system in your laboratory.

Consider the Cost

The total cost is another significant factor while choosing a LIMS provider. For implementing a LIMS in your lab, you can either purchase its license or get a subscription. 

While the license of a SaaS model can cost you around £73-£1100, for a web-based one, you may pay about £145-£10900/user/year. On the contrary, the monthly subscription rate is much cheaper, and you end up paying only for the services you use. 

Think about your budget and lab requirements and choose a buying process accordingly. 

LIMS Software Providers Wrap Up

LIMS, with its flexibility, efficiency, and lab-automation power, has become the prerequisite of any modern laboratory or industry. Hence, different LIMS software providers upgrade their services to make the products comply with lab processes. 

Amanda Kremer